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Cardamon benefits

2023-06-04 15:54


Lexique plantes T-Herbals,

Cardamon benefits

Look &Share this information about a wonderful herb called CARDAMOM, which we grow in our garden in Thailand... There are 2 types available : Elettari

Look &Share this information about a wonderful herb called CARDAMOM, which we grow in our garden in Thailand...

There are 2 types available : Elettaria cardamomum or true cardamom; and, Amomum subulatum or “greater” or “black” cardamom. All known as cardamon.

If you love a good gluten free meal and easy digestion

Love to be healthy naturally

Like and promote the use of herbs

Cardamom is a top wind repellent herb.

They all nourish the brain and blood.

A master once said : When the mother gave birth, she drank boiled cardamom to nourish her milk. Both she and the baby got a good brain because she drank cardamom juice...

INHALE IT for nausea relief;

EAT IT for digestive improvement + protection.

GASTROINTESTINAL Health : Ayurveda and Chinese medicine use cardamom for digestive issues, as the spice's methanolic extract relieves acidity, flatulence and stomach crampsL

Cardamom also protects against stomach ulcers.


TOPICAL : apply a few drops of Cardamum Essential oil (EO) diluted in a carrier oil on your belly button to ease digestion.


CANCER : Scientific research found that its Phyto-chemicals - from indole-3-carbinol to diindolylmethane - are chemo-preventive affecting cells during oxidative stress.

CARDAMOM AND CINNAMON combined demonstrated reduced colorectal cancer risk by 48%, by enhancing the body's antioxidant action and ease digestion.


ANTIBACTERIAL : Cardamum EO adds a warm touch to a citrus cleaning spray as it “inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria in the intestines,” including E. coli, Staph. aureus, and Listeria.

while leaving beneficial bacteria unharmed.


This is important in light of the increasing antibiotic-resistant bacteria, mainly due to inappropriate or over-use of antibiotics in agriculture and health care.

Cardamom mixes well with other antibacterial oils, creating incredible synergy in fun combinations like oral rinses.


Indications: Cleaning sprays, diluted wound healing blends, oral health.

ANTISPASMODIC : easing spasms (stomach cramps, diarrhea) and respiratory issues (coughing, tickle in the throat).


DENTAL HEALTH : Cardamom helps against cavities, gum disease + bad breath. It stops gum disease-causing bacteria.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Cardamom is in the category of herbs “aromatic dispel dampness.”

This means its aroma plus drying nature can eliminate dampness .

Symptoms of dampness include a feeling of heaviness or edema, loose stools, diarrhea, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, acid reflux, abdominal distention, chest fullness or an oppressive sensation in the chest, and lethargy.


When dampness congeals over time it forms phlegm, which creates tumors, cysts, soft lumps, nodules, cancer, numbness, tremors and paralysis.

Cardamom is easily available as it is a local food of S.E. Asia.

Khun Karn Nuntakarn Kesorn is an organic food developer,

who teamed up with friends to develop healthy menus.

The food is good looking, great tasting and full of nourishing qualities.

Watch and share.

I like good food and Cardamom essential oil has a very pleasant and appealing scent.


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Mulberry and papaya leaves have a very good synergy for draining action, facilitating weight loss.