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Longan fruit (Long Yan Rou)

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Origin : Northen Thailand, organic farming


What is the fruit Longan ? Why to consume it ?

Longan is a natural blood tonic that contains natural minerals and vitamins in abundance, such as Vitamin C.
It is used in the pharmacopoeia in Traditional Chinese Medicine to tone the heart, calm the mind, reduce anxieties, among others!

We are happy and proud to offer the Longan fruit on our site, grown on our farm in Thailand, with the best processing processes to restore the fruit and its properties optimally.

Certified organic and grade AA, the highest grade of guaranteed quality!
Our Longan is currently available for professionals.


We offer it in the form of dried fruit with its shell, but also shells alone and seeds alone because they each contain many properties too. Contact us for any information.

For more information on the many properties of the Longan, we invite you to visit our dedicated page on our blog

Mulberry and papaya leaves have a very good synergy for draining action, facilitating weight loss.


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Organic farming

When we talk about organic farming, we regularly sit on SDGsPGS.

This acronym describes the Sustainable Development Goals that have been set up by the United Nations, gathering data and bringing together delegates from each country to analyze and conclude on guidelines, projects to be used as a guideline for global development.

​Over a period of 15 years, 17 objectives are proposed, covering 5 dimensions, including society, economy, environment, peace and participation.


PGS stands for PARTICIPATORY GUARANTEE SYSTEM, aka a "certified community system". This idea, initiated by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture IFOAM, is based on trust, social networks and exchange. To learn...

The Sustainable Agriculture Federation SDGsPGS provides "community endorsement" of local organic farming standards, linked to the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

This includes words such as "natural, organic, combined, agro, new theory of agriculture", and perhaps more names in the future.

If the crop is chemical-free, if we take care of and consider the soils, plants, producers, consumers and finally if the ecosystem is balanced, then this crop is indeed "sustainable agriculture".


It is good that many farm organizations are currently conducting PGS certification to give farmers easier access to organic certification. Other certifications cover about one hundred thousand members per year. 

For the SDGsPGS, seven cents per year are accepted.

We come to work ourselves with the sustainable agriculture association SDGsPGS.

We all worked together until we became processors and teamed up to dry the organic Longan fruit in its shell in one large batch, without using any chemical treatment.

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Also find the Longan in our Herbal Tea Discovery blend, rubric Jiaogulan or Mulberry