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Exclusive - Organic Product
Each tea bag contains 2 g of the plant (the usual dosages found on the market are 1 g per bag, so our bags are highly and generously dosed).
Unique discovery herbal tea: specially concocted by us.

Unique blend of jiaogulan with ginger To support your
digestion, against nausea, support your natural defenses and prevent colds / flu. Or to consume for pleasure.
May also accompany during cancer treatments (during side effects such as nausea, fatigue).
Our jiaogulan has a naturally sweet and sweet flavor, ginger brings a pungent and warm note.
To allow optimal preservation, our packs of 15 sachets contain 3 sachets (1 foil contains 5 tea bags.
Our packs of 30 tea bags contain 6 foils (1 foil contains 5 tea bags)
These foils are very practical when traveling.

15 sachets de thé jiaogulan et gingembre T-Herbals
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