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Herbal tea discovery
Subtle blend between our Jiaogulan, mulberry leaves, jasmine flowers and Longan fruit.

Relaxing, harmonizing, rich in antioxidants, supports digestion.

Longan grown in Thailand contains many properties.
Rich in vitamin C.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it strengthens the spleen (important organ for the creation of blood), promoting a good functioning of the digestive system (in case of swollen belly after meals, inappetence, fatigue due to poor digestion of food.
Also useful in case of anxiety, difficulty concentrating.
We have chosen to include the longan fruit in our discovery blend for its essential benefits and in perfect synergy with our Jiaogulan, Mulberry and Jasmine.

Use: simmer a teaspoon of our discovered mixture in 250 ml of water, to be enjoyed throughout the day.

Tisane découverte jiaogulan mûrier jasmain longan 100 g T-Herbals 100g-jiaogulan-mulberry-jasmin-longan 100g-jiaogulan-mulberry-jasmin-longan
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